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Our Services Are Vast

clinical Services

Assessments, Evaluations, Diagnostics                $200 per hr

Individual                                                                      $100 per hr

One on One Services between Client and Therapist; Live, Chat, Email, Video Counseling 

Group                                                                              $50 per hr 

No more than 7 clients per group with like issue; Live, Chat, Email, Video Counseling

Couples                                                                     $360 per month 

Marriage,‎ Divorce, Relationship   

Family                                                                        $380 per month Parenting, Socialization, Psycho-Educational   

Play Therapy                                                        $350 per month Early Developmental, Developmental Delay, ASD   

DWI, DUI, Substance Use, Justice System    $500 per month We will meet the requirements of the Courts and/or employer EAP                                                                             $500 per month We will meet the requirements of your employers and DOT   



Counseling World provides a variety of consulting services from grant writing, professional development, continuing education, organizational health/wellness programs and much more.  Contact us for details and rates

Third Party Billing/Credentialing  Insurance Company's Billing/Credentialing for Individual clients is FREE and for Professionals determined by volume. Contact us for details and rates   

Voucher Systems  and Referral Services are always FREE for qualifying clients 

Local, State & Federal Contracts  Counseling World contracts with Government at all levels 


Clinical Director                 Roger A. Aguiar LPCC, MHC 


Clinical Supervisor           Kirsten‎ M. Hockemeier LCSW 

Generalist, Lead Diagnostician          Liz Wagner LPCC 

Generalist, Substance Use Specialist  

              Susy Ashcroft, LPCC, LADAC (Bi-lingual/Navajo) 

Substance Use Specialist               Marie Atwell, LADAC 

Generalist , Child Specialist Chari Gallardo PhD, LPCC       


Generalist Tazuko Arnold, LCSW (Bi-Lingual Japanese)

Generalist, Parenting Specialist          Joel Reed LMHC