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Savage's Promise: "If You Tell The Truth Things Will Get Better," (Truth Stories)
by Susy Ashcroft,

Counseling world Publishing

Savage's Promise "If You Tell The Truth Things Will Get Better" $24.99 paper back now available on Amazon.  

     This Book inspires hope for all, is wonderfully illustrated and is a true story of the power of truth, prayer, spiritual awakening and love in our lives. Professional therapist, pastors, teachers, parents, children, young adults and anyone interested in communicating the power of truth will benefit from the reading, retelling and the showing of this story. The story takes us through a brief period in the life of a young Paiute girl "SAVAGE," as she was called by her kin and her journey from despair to spiritual redemption. Each illustration is a beautifully drawn and hand painted  and we are proud to have Susy on our staff and honored by the opportunity to get her book out to world.  

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